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Nocturbulous Records is an electronic music label launched in 2006, based in the south of France. It focuses on the sounds of the golden era of the 80s/90s, particularly New Beat, Acid House, Techno, Breakbeat, real Electro and Rave.

Among the artists of the label, we count among others Mark Archer and Slipmatt from the UK, Jacky Meurisse, Olivier Abbeloos and Ethan Fawkes from Belgium, Woody McBride from the USA, Minimum Syndicat, Umwelt, Millimetric, David Carretta, Vondkreistan, Loloman from France. And of course the owners of the label Jean Bruce, Benjamin le Dauphin & Terry Juan.

During covid the old project of launching historical interviews in long format came to fruition, because in an era that is galloping and an electronic scene which tends to amnesia, putting everything into perspective and giving voice to those who make our music seemed essential to us.

The Radio Punch interviews are live on Twitch and Facebook, the Backstage interviews take place directly on various electronic events.

All our videos are replayed on our Youtube channel.

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