Sorties Nocturbulous Techno City - Nocturbulous Records

Dernière sortie digitale

Premier morceau de Jeff Strike sorti à l'origine en 2007 sur la compilation E.F.S.V.P. Volume 1, maintenant disponible sur toutes les plateformes numériques.



Karden - Satellite [NTC 006]


6th release on Nocturbulous Techno City. The acid prodigy from south of France, Karden, known for his organic live acts, delivers here an explosive EP....

Nicolas Cad - Give Me Some New Shoes To Eat [NTC 003]

Give Me Some New Shoes to Eat

5th release on Nocturbulous Techno City. Nicolas Cad is a newcomer among of Nocturbulous Techno City and offers here a trip back to the early 90's Progressive Techno with a modern sound, captivating and lively....

Jeff Strike - Moody Boogy [NTC 004]

Moody Boogy

First track of Jeff Strike originally released in 2007 on compilation E.F.S.V.P. Volume 1, now available on all digital platforms....

Trackwasher - Trak Kit [NTC 003]

Trak Kit EP

3rd release on Nocturbulous Techno City, Trak Kit EP is a dancefloor killer made by the genius and prolific artist from Southern France: Trackwasher. Nocturbulous Records is proud to have this artist in his team. First extract of his forthcoming album. To be continued...

Piter Black - Fear EP [NTC 002]

Fear EP

First EP on Nocturbulous Techno City for Piter Black. He brings us into a dark and mysterious mood. Minimal Techno with some EBM and Electro reminiscence....

Loloman - Versus EP [NTC 001]

Versus EP

First release on Nocturbulous Techno City (sublabel of Nocturbulous Records), Versus EP is also the first Loloman's release. The man is not a newbie but a true techno veteran. He has lived some huge moments of the movement over almost 30 years and has a...