Jean Bruce, Minimum Syndicat - 1991 Rave Gener8tor EP [NOCTU 003]

1991 Rave Gener8tor EP

Jean Bruce / Minimum Syndicat - Rave Gener8tor EP [NOCTU 003]
Artists: Jean Bruce, Mark Archer, Minimum Syndicat
Label: Nocturbulous Records
Release Date: 6-5-2013
Genres: Acid, Techno

About EP

3rd release on Nocturbulous records, « 1991 Rave Gener8tor EP » is a collaboration with Minimum Syndicat and a tribute to the golden age of early 90’s Rave parties, hoovers, stabs, subbass, TB 303, sirens, Detroit pianos and other crazy sounds are back, the icing on the cake is an Altern 8 remix. This record is 0%% VST, 100%% analog, to be played loud inna smoky warehouse like in the good old days. Rave On!


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