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First Track of Jeff Strike originally released in 2007 on compilation E.F.S.V.P. Volume 1, now available on all digital platforms.


1991 Rave Re​-​Gener8tor EP

Artists: Jean Bruce, Jeff Strike, Mark Archer, Minimum Syndicat, Olivier Abbeloos, Slipmatt
Label: Nocturbulous Records
Release Date: 1-6-2019
Genres: Acid, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore, Techno

About EP

5th release on Nocturbulous Records, « 1991 Rave Re-Gener8tor EP » is the next episode of the previous EP, a tribute to the golden age of early 90’s Rave parties. Hoovers, stabs, subbass, TB 303, sirens, and other crazy sounds are back again. Rave legends Olivier Abbeloos, Mark Archer and Slipmatt are joining forces just like in 1991. To be played loud in a smoky warehouse. Rave On!